currex creates solutions to analyse and optimise human motion.

currexSole - Natural Performance Insoles

Take your performance to the next level. Feel to 100% contact and TUNE YOUR SHOE!

Unique Shoe and Insole Fitting

CURREX MONOLITH: Shoe Fitting with Pressure Measurement.

Advanced training for professionals

The currex ACADEMY: Certified Seminars for medical motion analysis

Gait Analysis for Professionals

The currex GAITLAB: Turnkey labs for video analysis of human motion

Kickoff for the currexSole CREW

14.04.2016 We are happy to introduces the first members of the currexSole CREW. The newly founded team includes endurance athletes of different disciplines. We support the professional and talented youngsters, to create optimal conditions for their sport.

Latest Footwear Analysis Technology

The new and unique assessment of running styles combines actual relevant scientific knowledge in a shapely and easy to use POS system. 

currexLAB goes LIVE

25.11.2015 Individual high-tech motion analysis for runners and bikers.
From now on everyone can make an appointment on for his personal running analysis or his individual bike fitting. The experts of currexLAB help to optimize performance and find the cause of all injuries. TUNE YOUR PERFORMANCE.
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