Advanced training for professionals

“… currently, the highest limit of motion analysis is neither the option to capture high quality data, the more it is the knowledge to use these in order to improve the biomechanics of patients.” (Whittle, 1996)

Being a participant of the currex ACADEMY you will join the experts with the highest expertise in medical motion analysis. Believe in our experience of decades in advanced training for professionals in the field of biomechanics. In the currex ACADEMY we will teach you with latest knowledge and therapy options to movements in order to achieve higher and more comprehensible therapeutic successes. An important section of the currex ACADEMY is the application of measuring devices in a gait and running lab.

We are looking forward to meet you for six super interesting days!

This is what our participants say:
  • You get new ideas to interpret human motion (female 32 years)
  • The Podiatrist in the USA are behind in current research / biomechanical knowledge (female 50 years)
  • You get to become familiar with video analyse software and get a lot of useful information and tipps from the speakers (female 39 years)
  • It was very, very practical! (female 36 years)
  • It´s a must to be able to do running analysis (male 44 years)
  • I learned a lot about the injury and pelvic region (male 34 years)
  • It teaches most current information and teaches how to properly analyses runners with video. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! (female 50 years)
  • It´s very important to do an interpret a complete motion analysis! (male 44 years)
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Comments of our participants from 2010-2013

„Most complete and forward thinking course I have ever attended“
Male, 39 years, Podiatrist, 100 analyses/ month

"It is a total different way of thinking with a lot exercises of patients clearly pointing out, that the pelvis is a central point."
Male, 53 years, Orthotist/ sport Retailer, 120 analyses/ month

„Great mix of theory, practical experience and software implementation“
Male, 35 years, Orthotist, 2 analyses/ month

„High level learning effect in a comprehensible way of explanation“
Female, 26 years, Orthopedic technology, 40 motion analyses/ month

„Supports the development of our own expertise“
Male, 41 years, Orthopedic Shoe Technology, 2-3 motion analyses/ month

„Provide an insight into motion analysis“
Male, 43 years, sports retail, 50 motion analyses/ month

„This workshop is very important for gait analyses of athletes“
Male, 31 years, sports retail, 5 motion analyses/ month

„Very informative in a professional advanced level“
Male, 31 years, physiotherapy, 10 motion analyses/ month

„New and more opportunities“
Male, 35 years, sports science, 30- 40 motion analyses/ month

„Great organization, very professional“
Female, 30 years, producer

„The earned knowledge can apply to other areas“

Male, 46 years, 3 motion analyses/month

„Enhanced the own expertise and improve motion analysis“
Male, 35 years, physiotherapy, 25 motion analyses/ month
The neutral interview of 574 workshop participants (interview at the end of the workshop) shows the following results:
  • 89% of the participants valuate the expertise of the referee as „excellent“
  • 11% of the participants valuate the expertise of the referee as „well“
  • 96% of the participants would recommend the workshops to others
  • 68% of the participants valuate the technical content as „excellent“
  • 32% of the participants valuate the technical content as „well“
  • 94% find the content of the curriculum adequate
  • 82% of the participants sense the atmosphere in the workshops as convenient

We offer the following Seminars in English language:

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