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Liesa Fialkowske

Master of Science Sports Engineering

Liesa Fialkowske heads the CURREX ACADEMY and since 2014 the CURREX LAB in Hamburg. She always provides her customers with the latest biomechanical knowledge and thus helps them to improve their performance. Liesa already focused on the field of biomechanics during her technical Bachelor and Master studies. During her work at the Swiss Children's Hospital in St. Gallen, she worked intensively on the issue of gait analysis in children and became an expert in the field of three-dimensional measurement technology and motion analysis. Through participation in many advanced training courses and congresses, Liesa always updates her knowledge in order to pass it on in the ACADEMY and LAB.

Daniel Schäffler

Physiotherapist, osteopath & chiropractor

Daniel is an expert in motion analysis and manual therapy. His therapeutic approach is the holistic assessment and treatment of humans. During his 15 years of self-employment, he has been intensively focused on movement analysis. Every year about 350 running analyses takes place in his laboratory. He has also worked for many years as a physiotherapist in professional tennis, football and triathlon.
In 2004 he received the Diploma for Osteopathic Therapy (D.O.T.) at the D.G.O.M. and in 2007 the certificate in "Diagnosis and Technique of Chiropractic" at the Ackermann College of Chiropractic in Stockholm. In October 2011 he successfully completed the training as licensed golf physics trainer by the European Association GolfPhysioTherapy e. V..

Dr. Srđan Popović

PhD in Sports Science

Srdan is an expert in motion analysis and biomechanics. Both in therapy and in performance optimization, he combines training and biomechanics in a holistic approach according to the motto "Understanding & training movements instead of just thinking in muscles". The range of clients extends from orthopaedic chronic patients up to top athletes. In addition to leading the motion analysis & biomechanic lab at FRISCH in Berlin, Srdan successfully supports numerous athletes and teams (e.g. Berlin Recycling Volleys) as an athletics trainer. After studying in Göttingen, Srdan completed his PhD in sports science in 2011 in the field of "running economics" in Frankfurt am Main.

Florian Süptitz

Master of Science Sports Technology

Florian Süptitz is an expert in the field of Sportsmedical Engineering. After his studies at the German Sport University Cologne and his sciences at the located Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopaedics he used to work as a biomechanist for Brooks and Mizuno. Moreover Florian is an author with publications in Human Movement Science Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology.

Sascha Brink

Business Coach and Trainer for Communcation

Sascha Brink is a successful trainer for executive management and business communication. As a result of working in commerce and retail for more than 25 years, he gained a lot of experience within this business. Weather as a sales person, as a manager or as a human resource developer: The human and the comunication on eye height - from Person To Person – that’s the motivation of his acting. As a trainer for communication or in trainings for managers and retail staff (Runners Point, Footlocker, Karstadt Sport, Barclaycard). Moreover Sascha Brink is a Qualified Businesscoach (DVCT) as well as a Qualified Reiss Profile Master (Reiss Profile Germany GmbH).

Dr. Björn Stapelfeldt

PhD in Sports Science

Björn Stapelfeldt is an internationally recognized expert in the field of cycling biomechanics. He was the leading officer at the Olympic base of the German Cycling Federation at the University of Fribourg Olympic. This resulted in 2007 as a spin-off into the Radlabor GmbH, which he now operates as the CEO at three locations in Freiburg, Frankfurt, Munich.
The Radlabor has a special focus in the development and training of bike fitting systems. Radlabor technique can be found worldwide in fitting centers and Retail when it comes to optimally match bike and rider together. Big brands like SCOTT using his expertise to design their own fitting system as a separate ergonomic solution.
Athletes such as Jan Ullrich, Sabine Spitz and John Degenkolb have benefited from Björn’s biomechanical expertise.

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