Latest Footwear Analysis Technology

The new and unique assessment of running styles combines actual relevant scientific knowledge in a shapely and easy to use POS system. 
Within three phases the customer profile, the knee movement and the pressure distribution will be determined. During the pressure measurement, the foot stability, the gait line and the maximum pressure are analyzed and directly interpreted into a stability index. The intelligent MOTIONQUEST NEO algorism processes all measurements and recommends the perfect shoe and insole. 

The Benefits:
  • Latest technical expertise in just 0.7 m² floor space
  • Easy to use with touch screen technology
  • Dual Monitor upgrade enables to analyse 60 customers per hour
  • Online and constant updating of shoes – subscription based

Are you still analyzing or are you already optimizing?

The first gait analysis that can do everything. No preparation, 60 seconds analysis, 100% information. This is our newest and most successful 5-D LAB. Now 
also with comprehensive clinical gait analysis.

The new CURREX world

13.02.2018 Order your promotional package for the market launch of CleatPro and/or HikePro and get a Footdisc for free with a value of 299,-€. Offer runs until 31.03.

Kickoff for the currexSole CREW

14.04.2016 We are happy to introduces the first members of the currexSole CREW. The newly founded team includes endurance athletes of different disciplines. We support the professional and talented youngsters, to create optimal conditions for their sport.
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