Foot type and shoes size measurement

Determine the foot type and correct shoe size in just 3 seconds. The color footprint on the thermally sensitive surfaces is visible immediately – it doesn’t get any more straightforward than this!

Your customer place his feet on the FOOTDISC and the contact areas change color. Compare the foot`s imprint with the printed image or with the attached tutorial to detect the correct foot type.
  • Use with socks or barefoot
  • Shoe size and foot type are measurable in one step
  • Result instand visible
  • No power requirement - no sensitive technics - no maintenance
  • Reuse after 30 seconds


Optimal room temperature

18 – 28┬░ C

Reaction time

3 Sek.

Size measurement

US (m/w) & EU

Weight (Kg)


Dimensions (cm)

B: 45,5 | T: 60 | H: 2,5

This patented FOOTDISC test (patent no. EP1844709) enables a fast and easy shoe and insole recommendation. The next measurement procedure can start after 30 seconds. To operate with the FOOTDISC®, no biomechanical knowledge is needed and can be used by everyone - in your shop or on events - no power is required, simple, mobile and easy to use.

FOOTDISC comes with the patented FOOTDISC test in German and English, including an overview of common foot types and a conversion table.

A robust, padded shoulder bag also available as an extra.
With the customer standing on the thermally sensitive area of the FOOTDISC, you measure the required shoe size using the size scale. Typical foot imprints (high arched, normal, low arch and flat foot), thus helping you to determine the foot type. Whether you need the size in US, EU, UK or Mondo - you can use the size converter to easily convert shoe sizes.
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