MOTIONQUEST shoe data base

1. Product information’s – information of the brands
  • Sizing and retail price: In which sizes is the model available? How expensive is the shoe at retailers?
  • Application field of the shoe: Running and walking shoes are separated to the fields of training, trail, minimalistic and walking. Outdoor shoes are differentiated starting with casual shoes and rising to heavy alpine boots
  • Cushioning materials: Does the model is featured with cushioning materials in the fore and rearfoot?
  • Season and market: In which season and on which market (US | EMEA | ASIA) is the model launched?

2. Measuring values of the currex material lab
  • Measurement of cushioning - Energy Absorption: During running kinetic energy (energy of the movement) is partial transformed to thermal energy (heat) by energy absorption of the shoes’ midsole. This is measured in our lab by using a normed mass which is loaded and reloaded to the rearfoot (above Tuber calcanei) and to the forefoot (underneath Metatarsus III).
  • Elastic recovery - Rebound Coefficient: Parameter of the elastic recovery of the shoes’ midsole. Consists as a quotient of the deflection and energy absorption. The higher the RC value, the better the elastic recovery of the material and therefore the more the material is recovering to its initial condition.
  • Measurement of heel drop: The heel drop is measured by using a digital height measuring device, which is pointed to the rear foot (above Tuber calcanei) and to the forefoot (underneath Metatarsus III). The difference between both, the height in the rear- and forefoot, is revealing to the offset of the heel (heel drop).
  • Measurement of weight: By using a digital weight measuring device, every model is weighted in its sample size (Men EU 42 | Woman EU 38).
  • Stability in relation to the body weight: Depending on the body’s weight of the costumer, the shoe is changing its stability against pronation (rotation of the foot inwards). Configuration, used materials as well as technologies are affecting the stability of every shoe. Those characteristics are reviewed by us with experts’ knowledge. Further we cut each shoe and determine which materials are used. 
  • Width of the forefoot: A test person is evaluating every shoe by an individual fitting test.
  • Evaluation of experts: Finally to the measurements, every shoe is evaluated by taking into account a jury of objective experts.

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