Biomechanical video analysis software

The TEMPLO motion analysis software is the solution for routine and structured gait analysis in order to make footwear and insert recommendations as well as suggestions for optimising running style.

Analyse movements, determine injury patterns, document treatment results – this modern video analysis software will enable you to make recordings with four digital HD cameras at the same time. This will enable you to measure the movement of individual joints and describe them in biomechanical terms. You will then be able to finally concentrate completely on your work with customers or patients because the TEMPLO software gives you access to all the templates you need at the touch of a button. Both in the running and gait analysis and the clinical motion analysis, the software offers all the standard tools to be able to record, measure and document data quickly and straightforwardly. The video analysis software that results from this is your competence centre for gait and running analysis!

The TEMPLO video-based motion analysis software has a modular system and is available in various versions. It combines functionality with user-friendliness in a unique way. The software suggests a pattern for analysis, thus making its use highly intuitive.

currex sells all Contemplas - TEMPLO products to orthopaedic shoe technology and retail sports stores exclusively. We consult you competent and solution-oriented.

Depending on your requirements you can purchase specific program set-ups as modules.

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