HIGH, MED or LOW: Which Profile for me?

Step 1: Determine Foot Profile

How it's done

  1. Remove your shoes and socks.
  2. Place a bowl or dish on the floor and add a small amount of water, then place a sheet of newspaper beside it.
  3. Position yourself behind the newspaper and wet the sole of your right foot.
  4. Walk with your right foot onto the newspaper so that you leave a print.
  5. Compare your wet footprint with these illustrations before repeating the process with your left foot.
  6. Once you have decided on your foot shape note the matching illustration.

  • A: High arched foot - Only the heel and ball of foot are visable.
  • B: Medium arched foot - The foot is evently balanced.
  • C: Low arched foot - The inner arch is sunken, the imprint in the middle is wider compared to a medium arched foot.
  • D: Flat arched foot - The inner arch is almost flat, so that you can see the total foot imprint.

Step 2: Check Leg Shape

How it's done

  1. Stand tall and try to put your ankles together.
  2. Make sure you don't hyperextend your knees - keep them just slightly bent.
  3. Choose your leg shape.

  • 1: Bow-legs - At least two fingers fit between the knees when ankles are together.
  • 2: Straight legs - The knees almost touch when the ankles are together.
  • 3: Knock-knees - At least two fingers fit between the ankles when knees are together

Step 3: Combine Results

  • A1, A2, B1, B2: Use the HIGH PROFILE - meaning the blue - currexSole. Works best for your needs in a neutral shoe.
  • A3, B3, C1, C2, D1: The MED PROFILE - meaning the orange - currexSole works perfect for your foot and ankle complex. Use a shoe with a slight medial posting and you'll feel the most effect.
  • C3, D2, D3: The LOW PROFILE - this is the red - protects your foot and ankle joint from soft tissue overuse. Insert the red insole into a shoe with a medial support to maximize the outcome.
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